Thursday, June 9, 2011

What a Wonderful World(?)

I am almost done with the report of my boss due for submission tomorrow but I was lacking some photos so I asked my kumpadre earlier to take some additional photos of recent facility developments. While he was on top of the roof of the admin building, he was taking a photo but at a different direction so I assumed that it must be something else other than the newly constructed facilities. When he came down, he showed me a photo of the sunset...

Amigo: Ang ganda talaga ng mundo noh?
Kiko: Patingin nga?
(After looking at the photo)
Kiko: Galing ng pagkakuha mo ah!
Amigo: Kaya lang nakatago tayo sa kagandahan nito...
Kiko: Ah okay.

My friend's observation of the sunset is rather positive unlike most of us who may think otherwise. In spite of his present situation, he can still appreciate the beauty of creation. Nevertheless, he realizes that no matter how wonderful the world is, him including myself and the others, are still deprived of it.


  1. is your friend referring to hiding in the closet?

  2. hmmm deeper than hiding in the closet... ;)

  3. Cabinet yan, wag na closet.. hehehehehe. Anyway, congrats sa natapos mo na project. FYi epic na epic yung profile pic.. hehehehe

  4. thanks tim...i did minor editing in the photo to make it more kinda dramatic,hehehe

    natawa ako dun sa cabinet,hehehe


  5. and about the profile pic, feeling lang,hahaha