Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Inspiration

When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes.  
But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls!  - Ted Grant


This is my very first attempt to do a B&W photo and it's the only B&W photo I have in my folio. 
Honestly, I am not good at it and sadly, I did not spare more time practicing it 
but hopefully, I will be able to master it!
This particular photo became my inspiration in venturing into photography. 

I am a neophyte in this craft but I am trying to be good so that I could photograph more souls.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Keep faith in the potential goodness of mankind.

Yes, I've been away for almost three weeks now. Missed a lot of things especially here in the blogosphere. I spent my weekend reading previous blogs just to be updated. Ang dami na palang ganap.

Moving on with my ABC of Spirituality, I found this article about the 5 Things We Can Learn From Severus Snape in one of the blogs I follow which is somehow related to my post.

5 Things We Can Learn from Severus Snape

1. Our judgments about people are often wrong. In almost every book Harry and his friends suspect Snape is in on whatever evil is threatening them, all the more so after he kills Dumbledore. As it turns out he was on their side all along, and did more to protect and aid Harry than almost anyone else.

2. Rough exteriors are not the whole story. Admittedly, Snape is my favorite character in the Harry Potter series [so I was glad to see him vindicated when I read book 7]. But that isn't to say I find him to be a pleasant person, quite the opposite really. We learn some of why that is later on, but from beginning to end Snape is cold, short tempered, and at times rather cruel. Yet this exterior hides a person who dedicated his life to defeating the forces of evil.

3. Sometimes heroes are silent. At the moment of his death, the only person who ever knew how good Snape really was, was Dumbledore, who Snape had killed. He died as an enemy of all that is good in the world ofHarry Potter, and it was only after he could no longer be thanked that the true story was revealed - why he betrayed Voldemort, how he did the difficult thing no other wizard could have done and deceived the Dark Lord, how he gave his life selflessly for people who might never know what he had done for them.

4. True loyalty comes at great cost. Sure, we all want loyalty and put forth some effort to be loyal to others, but we rarely consider the cost. For Snape, loyalty to Dumbledore meant living a double life, sacrificing everything he held dear, and even killing Dumbledore when Dumbledore commanded him to. In the end we find out that he was never a traitor, but instead had played his part perfectly to the very end.

5. Love changes everything. Snape was originally a Death Eater, a true servant of Voldemort. We learn in these last chapters that what drove him to Dumbledore was love, love for Lilly Potter. He had loved Lilly since childhood, and though his personality and obsession with the dark arts had driven her away, he never stopped loving her.
When he learned that Voldemort was searching for the Potters, he went to Dumbledore in an effort to protect Lilly. When she died, he spent the rest of his life ensuring her son was safe. The redemption of Severus Snape was, like so much in Harry Potter, because of love. In the end his one request was to look into Harry's eyes, because he had his mother's eyes.

That's all folks!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jump out of bed, it will energize your day.

Going back to my ABC of Spirituality.

Well, maaga akong gumising kanina kasi maaga akong natulog kagabi. At syempre, maaga din akong bumangon. Hanubah! Puwede din naman kasing maaga ka ngang nagising pero di ka pa bumabangon. Ayun! Turo kasi ng lola ko, once na nagising ka, bangon agad para mas magaan ang pasok ng grasya.

Iisa lang ang ibig sabihin pag maaga akong bumabangon, maaga din akong lumalabas ng selda. Syempre nagsisipilyo muna pero bawal ang maghilamos. Ewan ko ba, nakakasira daw sa mata yun sabi ng ex-bestfriend ko nung tinuturuan pa niya ako sa photography. Mas ok pa daw na punasan mo na lang. Huwag namang gumamit ng baconator  na pinampunas mo sa tamod mo, lol. Natawa kasi ako dun sa post ni Mugen about The Baconator.

Pag pasok ko ng office, andun na pala si boss na nagkakape. Maaga ding nagising kasi magjo-jogging pa daw.
Nainggit ako kaya nagtimpla din ako ng kape ko. Kumuha ng Skyflakes tapos sabay dip sa condensed milk. Yummy! Sulit na ang breakfast ko.

Habang gumagawa ng daily report, pinapanood ko yung video ni Lady Gaga na Edge of Glory. Malay ko baka magustuhan din uli ni boss, haha.

Wala lang. Isang masayang Sabado sa inyong lahat!

Friday, July 8, 2011

You're a firework!

I was at the office early today and tried to finish my daily report but I wasn't in the mood at all! I tried to read blogs that I follow, leave some comments and hopefully get some inspiration to start my day. I went on to watch videos in Youtube and was curious to watch Katy Perry's Firework. Sorry naman, antagal na ata ng videong ito ngayon ko lang papanoorin. While I was watching the video, my boss suddenly came in...

Rcas: Xiany, ano na naman ba yan?
Kiko: Morning sir! Wala lang.
Rcas: Patingin nga. Mukhang maganda ah.
Kiko: Yung kanta sir o yung kumakanta.
Rcas: Pareho.
Kiko: Chos! Nagbibinata na naman si sir.
Rcas: May album na ba yan?
Kiko: Meron sir.
Rcas: Download mo lahat ng kanta niya tapos gawan mo ng folder sa iTunes.

My boss, who has always listened to the music of Al Jarreau, Mike Francis and Rod Stewart, is beginning to like my kind of music. He has recently asked to copy my Il Divo, Philippine Madrigal Singers and Bukas Palad cds. Now, he wants me to download all the songs of Katy Perry. I wouldn't be surprised if he will later enjoy my Gaga cds and house music!

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting throught the wind
Wanting to start again

Do you know that there's still a chance for you
Cause there's a spark in you

Sometimes we really need a little push to ignite the fire within us! We can so much relate to this song! Iyan ang buhay LCJ!

If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Here comes The Bride...

After civilly married for more than 8 years, my dearest Ate Nikki  aka Baka to her friends finally got married in the church. She is herself a wedding coordinator and went on to organize various weddings. This is her chance to have the best wedding a wedding coordinator could have. And she had it! Congratulations and Best Wishes to Ate Nikki and Kuya Brai!

Ako kaya, kelan naman? :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

The world's longest...

Beijing, Jun 30 (PTI) The world''s longest cross-sea bridge, spanning 36.48 kilometers across the mouth of the Jiaozhou Bay in China''s eastern Shandong province, opened to traffic today, four years after construction started.
The bridge, connecting urban Qingdao with the city''s less-developed district of Huangdao, cost about 14.8 billion yuan (USD 2.3 billion).
Authorities expect the project to boost the development of an industrial zone in Huangdao and to facilitate the rise of foreign trade by increasing the port''s handling capacity, state-run Xinhua news agency said.
The business community have been complaining of the inconvenience of the current, less-efficient sea transport, whose operation is at the mercy of the weather.
Han Shouxin, deputy director of Qingdao''s traffic management committee, said the bridge will shorten the route between Huangdao and urban Qingdao by 30 km, cutting the travel time down from over 40 minutes to around 20 minutes.
Before the project''s completion, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge that spans across the bay of Hangzhou, in eastern Zhejiang province, was considered the world''s longest cross-sea bridge.
Qingdao officials today also announced the completion of a 9.47-kilometer-long undersea tunnel that runs parallel to the bridge. The construction of the tunnel, whose lowest part is located 81 metres below sea level, cost another 7 billion yuan.
The construction started in August 2007.
Engineers overcame huge difficulties in building the tunnel amid a complicated geological environment, said Zhou Fengjun, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
He said the project can now serve as a textbook for the country''s tunnel-construction projects, Xinhua reported. PTI KJV

From Yahoo! News
Photo from the Associated Press
Video from telegraph.co.uk