Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brave the future with an open and positive attitude.

So here is the second installment in my attempt to complete the ABC of Spirituality.

The day after we submitted by boss' accomplishment report, the result of his promotional examinations was released and it turned out that he is at the top 16 out of 101 who took the exam belonging to the same rank. The result of the exam will form part of the over-all rating. The other criteria  include work-related training, previous performance rating, awards and commendations and time-in-grade. He was so happy about it and then he suddenly asked if I am also praying for him, I said "but of course, sir!" Little does he know that I will be so proud of him if he gets promoted and awarded for his efforts because I know that it's already long overdue for him considering his accomplishments as our current boss and on his previous assignments. And I will be even prouder if our unit will also win the award. Then I said, "Sir, if I may ask, do you believe that we are going to make it?" He said in reply, "I do not want to assume, let's just pray adn hope." Then he directed my attention to a decor with a verse in the Bible that's hanging on the wall. It says...

Be that as it may, my boss never runs out of determination in going farther and further just to prove himself. He'seven willing to be assigned here for the next three years away from his family because no matter what, he will continue to succeed even going beyond his regular duties in carrying out the mission and vision of the bureau.

Tomorrow, my boss will be going home to be with his family and spend more time with God. I hope and pray when he gets back after seven days, he will be receiving good news!

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