Saturday, June 25, 2011

Explore each problem with the intent of improving the situation.

Been away in the blogosphere for almost a week 'cause I was busy practicing the participants for the quartet competition. I am so happy that they get better each day. I hope they will be able to make it.

Going back to my ABC of Spirituality.
Most of us tend to meddle with other people's business or concern that instead of improving the situation, we end up making it worse. Parang Face to Face lang sa TV5. Sabi nga, kung may problema, harapin mo face to face. Toinks! Still, I don't believe in the purpose of the program. You can not just let two arguing parties settle their differences at one sitting. What I believe is that healing takes time. It is a long process of soul searching. It takes courage and even sacrifice.

We may have diverse ways in exploring the problem but the most important thing is to find clear solutions. So the next time that we attempt to delve into something, think twice and make sure that we really are into making things better and not just like the sawsaweros and sawsaweras in the TV program who make both parties hate each other even more.
That's all folks!


  1. busy tau lahat.. :(

    tama, the thing here is that the already worse situation becomes worst, by trying to replicate a false sense of mediation between the arguing parties. the best that they should have done is to settle the story per side, not by joining them and watch as they clash. that way we avoid seeing violence.

  2. hunga eh, pagtingin ko nga wala masyadong mga posts :(

    mga iba kasi satin nalilibang pag nakakakita ng nag-aaway, tsk!tsk! mahirap bang gumawa ngtama at mabuti sa kapwa?