Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nasaan Ka, USB?

Feeling tired, down and alone then suddenly a very dear friend chatted with me in Facebook and apparently, he was feeling the same way too. So he sent me the link of a video of our friends arguing where the hell did they put their flash drive. I couldn't stop myself from laughing inside the office while watching the video. This really made my day!

To those who can't understand, sorry pero Ilocano po ang dialect na ginamit dito :) Just imagine na parating ganito ang eksena ng mga kaibigan ko who happens to be engaged in events/wedding coordination...


  1. Mas nacurious ako sa mga bata ah! Ganun kaya sila paglaki. Lolz.

  2. haha, medyo naintindihan ko. lolz. imy xian! :D

  3. @Mugen - haha hunga no, mga usyoserong bata kasi, lol

    @TGB - amishu too joe...ingat lage!