Friday, September 2, 2011

Offer the best of yourself to others.

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I have been giving out all my best since we started rehearsing for our upcoming charity concert but I just realized now that some of my choir members have not been doing the same. My mentor once told me that in able to achieve a little perfection, you have to put your heart and soul in every aspect of what you do. And then I asked myself,  is it already too late for me to take out those whose hearts and souls are not into it? With only three weeks left of preparation, I think it's best that I just keep them and let everything go according to plan. Kaya ko pa namang magtiis.


  1. Xian! I miss you.. :)

    Kaya niyo yan my friend.. Though, it would be better sana if everyone can be as cooperativem kasi minsan nakaka dispirit yung mga ganung tao..

  2. awww, amishu too joe...
    nakaka-disappoint nga minsan pero kaya pa naman, hindi pa ako umaabot sa saturation point ko,lol