Thursday, March 29, 2012

A new beginning...

Yesterday, I celebrated my 29th birthday. 29 wonderful years of living filled with many adventures. Those 29 years have been full of ups and downs, miseries and joy, challenges and struggles, mistakes and achievements, wandering, and wishful thinking. Full of happiness. Full of love. Full of hope. But definitely  no regrets. My life had never been that perfect but at least I am striving to be such. Perfect it shall be but it will only be perfect when I am with my Creator.

Yesterday, as I closed one chapter in my life, I began another one. A brand new day. A new hope. A new beginning. A new chance and opportunity to start anew. Yesterday is the past. Some say that if you live your life in the past, you can never move on. I agree with them but I must say that those things in the past have been consequential to who, what and where I am now. And they will always remain important as I go along living my life in this new beginning. 

The past will be my strength, my shield and my rock in facing the challenges that lies ahead. I keep on trying to become a better person, in the sense that I will not commit the same mistakes I had in the past. And that is a struggle for me, but with all the love and prayers from my dearest family and my trusted friends and most importantly from the One who never stopped loving me, who never stopped showing that He cares for me, and who never stopped reminding me that I will always be His child, I will surely pass every challenge that I will encounter along the way.

Full of hope indeed. I have never lost hope. The Bible says that "hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts..." (Romans 5:5) With that, I will always dream of a better tomorrow.

Everyday when I wake up, I always pray and hope that I will do good and be good with myself and with others. Everyday, I will continue to approach each day with an appreciation of being alive and I will brave the future with an open and positive attitude. I will make each day a new beginning for a brighter and better ME.

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