Sunday, July 24, 2011

Keep faith in the potential goodness of mankind.

Yes, I've been away for almost three weeks now. Missed a lot of things especially here in the blogosphere. I spent my weekend reading previous blogs just to be updated. Ang dami na palang ganap.

Moving on with my ABC of Spirituality, I found this article about the 5 Things We Can Learn From Severus Snape in one of the blogs I follow which is somehow related to my post.

5 Things We Can Learn from Severus Snape

1. Our judgments about people are often wrong. In almost every book Harry and his friends suspect Snape is in on whatever evil is threatening them, all the more so after he kills Dumbledore. As it turns out he was on their side all along, and did more to protect and aid Harry than almost anyone else.

2. Rough exteriors are not the whole story. Admittedly, Snape is my favorite character in the Harry Potter series [so I was glad to see him vindicated when I read book 7]. But that isn't to say I find him to be a pleasant person, quite the opposite really. We learn some of why that is later on, but from beginning to end Snape is cold, short tempered, and at times rather cruel. Yet this exterior hides a person who dedicated his life to defeating the forces of evil.

3. Sometimes heroes are silent. At the moment of his death, the only person who ever knew how good Snape really was, was Dumbledore, who Snape had killed. He died as an enemy of all that is good in the world ofHarry Potter, and it was only after he could no longer be thanked that the true story was revealed - why he betrayed Voldemort, how he did the difficult thing no other wizard could have done and deceived the Dark Lord, how he gave his life selflessly for people who might never know what he had done for them.

4. True loyalty comes at great cost. Sure, we all want loyalty and put forth some effort to be loyal to others, but we rarely consider the cost. For Snape, loyalty to Dumbledore meant living a double life, sacrificing everything he held dear, and even killing Dumbledore when Dumbledore commanded him to. In the end we find out that he was never a traitor, but instead had played his part perfectly to the very end.

5. Love changes everything. Snape was originally a Death Eater, a true servant of Voldemort. We learn in these last chapters that what drove him to Dumbledore was love, love for Lilly Potter. He had loved Lilly since childhood, and though his personality and obsession with the dark arts had driven her away, he never stopped loving her.
When he learned that Voldemort was searching for the Potters, he went to Dumbledore in an effort to protect Lilly. When she died, he spent the rest of his life ensuring her son was safe. The redemption of Severus Snape was, like so much in Harry Potter, because of love. In the end his one request was to look into Harry's eyes, because he had his mother's eyes.

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  1. Nice! I agree with those points. :)

  2. our judgement about people are often wrong - i plead guitly.

  3. Awww, such a fan! Kami rin! Hay kiko, welcome back! I love this post, your observations are very accurate.

    -james and joe

  4. nice take on Snape! these are the same thoughts I have while watching the movie.

  5. @Travis - me too! nadala na ako kaya i always have the benefit of the doubt especially in dealing with people i meet for the first time...

    @TGB - Thanks! matagal din ako nawala,hehehe I always thought of him as a bad person but I was wrong. Will be watching HP series from part 1 this coming weekend,hehe

    @Pepe - Honestly I have not read any of the books, that's why I was surprised with the turn of events. Thanks man!